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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is recycled plastic lumber?

Recycled plastic lumber is dimensional lumber, such as a nominal 2×4 profile, that’s made with recycled plastics – in our case, #2 HDPE plastics. If you’d like to understand the process more, click here.

Where can I find recycled plastic near me?

American Recycled Plastic is located just south of Knoxville, TN. If that’s not convenient to you, we ship nationwide! For some products, we can also ship internationally. Call or email us (our contact information’s at the bottom of this page) and we’ll be happy to help.

How do I get a donor bench program started?

Donor bench and memorial bench programs are the ultimate win-win! Your community or organization can get benches without using budget dollars by enlisting your local members. Members can purchase a bench in a loved one’s memory, to remember a pet, or even promote their own local business. You can begin the process by calling us or clicking here.

What is recycled plastic sheeting?

Recycled plastic is available in sheeting as well as dimensional lumber! We offer 3 types of sheeting: Standard grade agricultural sheeting, all-purpose sheeting and deluxe sheeting in 10 vibrant colors. We offer 1/16″ up to 1″ thick. Click here for more information.

Are your products ever on sale?

Yes! We offer different promotions at different times of the year. The best place to find our promotions is our Home Page, where you’ll see links to the items we currently offer on sale. It’s a great way to find bargains on first-quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture & site amenities.

What are the benefits of buying recycled plastic?

There are so many benefits to buying recycled plastic for your outdoor furniture and site amenities!  The products are LEED certified, come in a variety of beautiful colors, require little to no maintenance, have a 20 year warranty and you’ll never, ever get another splinter again. We guarantee it! If you’re interested in buying a quality product and not worrying about replacing it every few years, then recycled plastic is your answer!

Is recycled plastic patio furniture expensive?

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture does cost more than a discount product – for example, our Adirondack Chairs cost a lot more than a $14 resin chair you’d find at Wal-Mart. However, it’s important to consider something called life-cycle cost – how much the product costs over the life of use. The oldest item on my personal front porch right now is a green Adirondack Chair that is 29 years old. And we’re still using it!  That is what I call a bargain!

How long will recycled plastic outdoor furniture last?

Recycled plastic lumber is a material that’s built to last – see my reference to my 29 year old Adirondack Chair above. The local climate & amount of use are factors to consider when determining how long outdoor furniture will last.

What kind of warranty is there on your outdoor patio furniture products?

Every item in our Legacy and Heritage Collections come with a 20 year residential warranty. For other items, or commercially used applications, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Is there any maintenance needed?

Recycled plastic will require minimal maintenance from time to time – depending on your local environment and amount of use. We’ve found that a non-abrasive cleaner works great for surface spills and a low-PSI pressure washer will remove dirt from overhead trees. There are also cleaners on the market specifically for plastic lumber products. If you’d like more information, contact us.

How do I order recycled plastic outdoor furniture?

You can phone in your order to us at 865.738.3439.  If you prefer to order online, select your product from our list of available products, scroll down to the bottom of the item’s page to add to cart. From there, simply follow the onscreen prompts. We will contact you to confirm total and payment information.

Is there any way I can save money?

Yes! We have seasonal specials and money-saving promotions on our products, and you can also start a donor program if you’re looking for a commercially based need. Call or email us (our contact information’s at the bottom of this page). We pride ourselves in treating your order like it’s our own. We love saving money when we buy things, so rest assured we’ll work hard to make sure you get the most value possible for your money.

Why should I choose recycled plastic instead of teak, metal or concrete?

We love recycled plastic, and think it’s the #1 choice of material for any outdoor furniture or site amenities – whether it’s for your home patio, or community park, commercial space or government project. It will never splinter or rot like wood, it doesn’t require oiling or sealing like Teak, isn’t cold and uncomfortable like concrete and won’t rust like metal. It’s truly a win-win solution for any outdoor project!.



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