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Mount Kit Options

Mount Kit Options 

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Our benches, picnic tables, waste receptacles, site amenities and outdoor furniture items are sturdy and durable and often do not require any type of mount kits. However, if severe weather or theft is a concern we have a variety of mount kits to fit any need.

Surface mount kits work well with concrete or asphalt surfaces. We have 3 options for this type of mounting: our Standard Mount kit, U-Mount Kit or our Surface Anchor Kit. 

Inground mount kits work well with soft surfaces like dirt, grass or mulch.  Our Inground Mount Kit, Augur Mount Kit or J-Bolt Mount Kit works best for these types of installs.

We also offer 2 specialty mount kits as well: a T-Mount for above-ground waste receptacle mounts, and a Post Mount for securing posts to a hard surface (typically used for our Message Boards and Pet Waste Stations). 

Our mount kits are not sold separately. They’re only available when any of our outdoor furniture or site amenities are purchased.

To order: click on the item at the bottom of this page or call us at 865.738.3439. 

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Surface Mount Kits

  • Standard Mount Kit
    Includes: (4) aluminum L-shaped brackets and (8) stainless steel lag screws.
    Best for: general mounting to a solid surface. Please note that additional hardware may be needed at the time of install, depending on the substrate being mounted on.
  • U-Mount Kit
    Includes: (4) Galvanized U-brackets, (8) screws and (1) concrete drill bit.
    Best for: Installing irregular shaped items like our Pitcher Picnic Table.
  • Surface Anchor Kit
    Includes: (4) 3/8″ concrete wedge anchors.
    Best for: Securing metal frames like our Washington Bench.
To order, click on the item at the bottom of this page or call us at 865.738.3439.

Inground Mount Kits

  • Augur Mount Kit
    Includes: (2) Powder coated 15″ steel augur with 1/2″ diameter, (2) Stainless 2″ screws with washers and (1) security keyed screw bit for the security head screws.
    Best for: Any bench or picnic table install to a soft surface. Works with or without your concrete.
  • J-Bolt Mount Kit
    Includes: (4) solid steel J-bolts
    Best for: Simple in-ground install applications. Simply attach the J-bolt to the bottom of the recycled plastic base and set the other end in concrete or dirt.
To order, click on the item at the bottom of this page or call us at 865.738.3439.

Specialty Mount Kits

  • Post Mount Kit
    Includes: (1) Heavy duty black steel mount with pre-drilled holes to attach to surface with your hardware. Made for a 4×4 post.
    Best for: Our Message Boards, Kiosks, Pet Waste Products, or Signs using 4×4 posts.
  • T Mount Kit
    Includes: (1) Black recycled plastic T mount. This can be mounted into the ground.
    Best for: Waste Receptacle mounts needing an inground mount that’s maintenance free and allows the receptacle to sit slightly above the ground.
To order, click on the item at the bottom of this page or call us at 865.738.3439.

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Our mount kits are sold only with purchase of our outdoor furniture items:

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