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Rail Fencing

Rail Fencing

2-Rail, 3-Rail or 4-Rail Style 
  • Pricing (ea)
    Fence Post (2-Rail: 6 ft, 3-Rail: 7 ft, 4-Rail: 8 ft)  $39
    Fence Rail (16′ Long)  $39
    Post Cap, Inside Mount $3.95
    Fence Pins (2/rail)  $0.39
  • Post Configurations:  Line, End, Tee or  Corner
  • Installation Instructions: Fence_Install   Install-Pins PDF
  • Dimensional Graphic (Click for larger image): Fence_Dims

Our rail fencing products are made from off-spec prime material. This material produces a strong, durable, maintenance-free fence that keeps its original beauty for years, and contains no contamination like the traditional feedstock did. It is easy to clean and is virtually stain resistant. Many types of paint do not adhere to HDPE which means graffiti artists will have to go elsewhere. Unlike polyvinyl chloride (PVC), recycled plastic fences will not shatter or split from the cold. In fact, it is resistant to splitting at temperatures as low as -60 F. HDPE contains no chlorides or arsenic, and will not contaminate groundwater      or soil. Our fence is safe to use around all types of pets and livestock. It will not splinter and cause injuries, and is impervious to acids contained in animal wastes. In short, our fences are friendly to people, pets, livestock, and the environment.        

Because our fencing is extruded in standard lumber sizes it can easily replace wooden components. It is light and easy to work with due to the hollow profile. Our 2×6 fence rail weighs about the same  as an equivalent wooden rail, and our 6×6 fence post weighs about one quarter as much as solid wood of the same dimensions. Thick side walls add strength and solidity and eliminate the need for, and cost of internal reinforcement with other materials.






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