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Dog Park Amenities | Your Questions Answered

Dog Park FAQs

When you’re the prouds of a pooch, the local dog park is either part of life or a way of life! A community brightens up and benefits highly from a dog park where man’s best friends can play themselves silly and enjoy what life has given them and we would like to encourage any community leaders and builders to consider a dog park in their city or gathering place with our products!

Here’s a short FAQ we’ve designed for this purpose in mind.

1. What Are The Advantages Of Dog Park Items Being Built From Recycled Plastic?
A question we love answering! In short, our recycled products provide a number of benefits in comparison to conventional building materials. They are 100% waterproof, rainproof and liquidproof. They do not shatter or splinter. They are American-made and have durability for dogs of all sizes and weights to make use and still last for decades. Additionally, our products come with a 20-year-warranty. See more here: https://itsrecycled.com/faq/.

2. What Kinds Of Products For A Dog Park Do You Build/Supply?

Just a few of the items we supply include:

Dog Bone Bench

Adirondack Chairs

Custom Chairs for Donor Recognition

Pet Waste Stations

Raincap Units

Multi-Unit Clusters

Bike Racks

Message Boards

Picnic Tables

See more at https://itsrecycled.com/customer-type-dog-parks/.

3. Are There Additional Items You Supply That Could Be Useful For a Dog Park?

Of course. A dog park can include pretty much anything you think would be useful for human and canine alike. Benches, square picnic tables, hexagon picnic tables, fencework, sheeting panels, waste receptacles and more.

See our full product list at https://itsrecycled.com/products/.

4. We’re Just a Small Community With a Budget. Do Any Of Your Products Go On Sale?

We do indeed often have discounts for many of our products. Our savings page is https://itsrecycled.com/123savings/ and we can offer free standard shipping with the purchase of 4 or more items.

If you have any additional questions on us or how we can help build your dog park, contact us at amy@itsrecycled.com or 865-738-3439.

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